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Over The Counter Bulletin Board: Do It Yourself IR and Corporate Publicity

freecompress board meetingWhy throw gobs of cash at a publicist with outrageous fees to get you a tiny insignificant article in a newspaper or magazine rag when you can literally become an industry niche sensation overnight using a carefully constructed video and a handful of long tail industry specific keywords?

Old school publicists have become that’72 bowling ally loitering, disco dancing reject while a new breed of publicists have stepped in and transformed the industry from paper, to cyberspace in only a few short years. Why traditional publicists have been adjusting that pathetic comb over hairstyle, young and aggressive publicists have been creating publicity techniques that deliver results in 24 to 48 hours as opposed to 6 to 8 weeks and as far as results, there is no comparison.

Web marketing and publicity marketing tactics such as creative video submission, if done properly can transform the direction of a failing company to “THE” industry powerhouse almost instantly by loading the video with solid, well thought out descriptions and targeted long tail keyword tags. A publicist who understand the concept of pure video publicity can tailor a campaign that can outperform any traditional publicity technique ever devised by the good ole’ boy networks who overcharge and under deliver for their clients.

Video publicity can stretch past the tiny geographic proximity of a city, across state lines and into international territory. Publicists that specialize in video marketing and other online methods used in strategic combination with one another, will have the client dominating every aspect of their industry niche.

Targeted video promotion by the Web 2.0 type publicists translates into instant client results that build stronger client relations and can transform the future of any company in any industry. Publicity marketing will always offer a turn-key solution to massive amounts of traffic, branding, marketing exposure and all the bells and whistles of a dozen traditional publicity firms.

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