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Recognizing Your Own Extra Sensory Perception

freecompress sensesExtra sensory perception is traditionally categorized in the realm of the super natural. What is so odd about that is that we also embrace the prospect of ESP in lesser levels. This is because serious ESP levels frighten people. The general public doesn’t want to believe that you can take information and understand it without their willful offering of that information.

However, we are quick to recognize that empathetic individuals or those with a high level of intuition are quite real. ESP is just a higher degree of this same type of enhancement. Some people are born with red hair. Others are born with really bright red hair. Some people are born with a high level of intuition while others are born with an exceptional level of sensory perception.

If you are truly gifted, you tend to be highly in tune with not just your own senses but the senses of those around you. If someone is in pain, you know this pretty much right away. If someone is pregnant, you can often tell before they announce the good news. Whatever your senses are you are likely to have gone through periods of your life that caused you to question whether you were gifted or not.

Some of these children were tested for very long periods of time. While the testing started in the twenties, it continued all the way up until the eighties. While there are still many tests that are done today to explore the possibilities, these tests are now monitored and delivered with the best interests of the children (and adults) in mind.

Extra sensory perception is a lot like intuition. In fact, we tend to call small degrees of ESP intuition, or even a gut feeling. The truth is that these small doses of ESP are considered to be normal parts of our human make up.

We all read body language and we all can sense and feel things. Also referred to as the sixth sense, extra sensory perception is much more common than we like to admit. Those who can develop their gifts or those who were born with a tremendously heightened awareness are those who are considered to gifted.

If you are willing to allow yourself to feel your senses and if you start paying attention to them, you might be surprised how much extra sensory perception you actually have. In most cases, you won’t be able to read through the back of cards or see the future. It is more likely that you will be able to detect specific things when people are interacting with you.

Extra sensory perception doesn’t have to be scary or even freakish. It is part of our human make up and we are all born much more in tune with our ability to perceive the information we receive. Whether or not we choose to listen is up to us more than we know. Clearing out our minds and being open to the information is the first step.

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