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Reputation Management Company News

reputation managementReputation Armor one of the most recognized names in the Reputation Managment industry was recently acquired by a Northern Virginia internet marketing agency. A new design and re-launch of Reputation Armor’s Reputation Management website and product has already taken place over the past few days. The acquisition comes weeks after the Reputation Management Team at Reputation Armor signed a deal to do reputation management fulfillment work exclusively for an un-named competitor. The sale of the domain name is all the transaction included. Past clients of Reputation Armor will be maintained by the new management and ownership on a case by case basis.


Ownership of domains registered for past clients are now the property of the new operators of Reputation Armor, past clients an contact the new ownership to purchase domain names they would like to keep or manage themselves. Alternatively the domains can remain active as long as the yearly registration and hosting fees of $99 per year are covered.


The new Reputation Armor has more to offer than ever and delivers faster Reputation Management results without a price increases for services. New services added to the service menu include Organic SEO Services, Mugshot Removal, and Complaint Mediation Services. Reputation Armor can also help Remove RipOff Report pages, and remove complaints or bad reviews from top search results.


Reputation Management is a much needed service for businesses that have an online presence and are at risk of receiving negative feedback from consumers or unfounded complaints competitors. Reputation Management is used to control and manipulate what content ranks high about a business or individual. By employing search engine optimization and social media optimization techniques, a reputation management firm is able to influence the way Google and secondary search engines display information and images about your name.


Social Media Optimization is the process of improving and enhancing your businesses or personal social presence online. By optimizing your social presence online you will increase the number of positive pages about you on search results when someone searches for you. Reputation Management is all about taking control of content and the more web based content and digital real estate about your name you control, the easier it is to control your online reputation.


Not only does Reputation Armor focus on the technical aspect of Reputation Management, they focus on the legalities of online media and content. Since Reputation Management covers a broad spectrum of issues, it is important for a Reputation Management firm to be well versed in the legal aspects of the internet. Reputation Armor is continuously learning and applying new online related laws in order to assist new clients with negative or unauthorized content removal.