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Save Money on Your Medigap Insurance

Medicare-Supplement-Insurance.jpgAs a senior, you need to save money wherever you can, and one place to save money is on your Medicare Supplemental Insurance (often referred as Medigap Insurance). We have helped seniors save upwards of 67% on their monthly insurance premiums.

Many seniors choose a Medigap Insurance company based on a TV commercial or what insurance company a retirement association is pitching, because the organization is well known to seniors. What seniors don’t understand is that these organizations are earning huge fees and commissions to pitch these companies’ products in their magazines or direct mailings without truly representing the best interests of senior.

These companies do not care that rating is biased. Meaning the rating company is taking a fee to suppress the true financial strength of the insurer so they can earn millions in return. Does that sound like a company to be trusted? Yet this happens every day in this country, day-in and day-out!

Medigap Insurance Plans should be quoted at the cheapest quote possible for the senior. In addition, the insurer picked by the agent should be the strongest (financially) amongst all insurers analyzed. Yet our competitors in the Medigap Insurance market do the exact opposite. They sell the highest premium possible for the largest commission and sell insurance based who is pitching a TV commercial at any given moment—not the insurer with the strongest balance sheet.

When you turn 65 it will be your time to receive Original Medicare (Part A and B), and you will need to buy a Medigap policy to fill-in the gaps left by Medicare to cover your medical liabilities. So it’s important to choose a broker who specializes in understanding Medicare and who sells the cheapest and strongest Medigap Insurance—and we are experts in our field.

If you need help understanding Medicare or would like a free Medigap Insurance quote, click on the links above. Or if you need free information on Medicare or Medigap Insurance, just click the following link: Medicare Supplement Insurance