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Soccer Positions

freecompress soccerJust like basketball, soccer is a game with players who carry out a specific role. A team is comprised of 11 positions. There is one goalkeeper or goalie, and ten others who need to defend attack or take up midfield positions. Every role has a certain set of skills and a specific area to deal with.

Goalie or Goalkeeper

It’s the goalie’s who has to prevent the opponents from scoring a goal. This individual is the only one who can touch the ball with their hands and they can just move within a certain area of the field.

Defenders or Defensive Positions

These positions assist the goalie prevent opponents from scoring a goal. Just like the goalie, they are restricted to a particular area of the field.

*Centerback-the centerbacks try to stop the opponents particularly the strikers of the opposing team from scoring. They try to keep to ball out of the penalty areas.

*Sweepers- sweepers go after anyone from the opposition team who breaks through the defense line. A sweeper should be able to control the ball and pass it properly and counter any moves that the attacking team brings.

*Fullback- These players attempt to prevent the ball from going into the penalty areas


These players are situated between the strikers and the defenders. They attempt to take the ball from the defenders on the opposing team and pass it to their strikers. This is a position that requires a lot of energy because they have to keep an eye on several things at the same time. They could be changed from a defensive stance to attacking pose anytime throughout the game.

*Defensive midfield- the purpose of this role is to get the ball from the attackers on the opposing team

*Attack midfield- these players should try to open avenues for their team to score goals

Strikers or Attackers or Forward

These team members are located close to the opposing team’s goal. They are those who score goals. Another role they perform is to try and help others on their team score a goal. Most acquainted soccer players are found in this position simply because they score the most goals.

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