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The Hidden Treasures Of Chakra Energy

freecompress chakra healingAt the outset, let me share a secret that very few people in the world know (and if they know, they dont acknowledge it!). All the human beings have a huge reservoir of energy, large enough to make sure that our physical and mental health always remains upbeat. This secret is a commonplace among large Hindu and Buddhist population in India and other parts of the world, for most Americans and Europeans, this is an invaluable piece of information, which theyd like to explore further.

Most commonly, this is known as Chakra Energy, or the energy generated by the seven primary energy centers in the body. These energy centers are situated from the base of spine upwards to the head. A brief description of location of seven Chakras wont be out of place:

* Root Chakra (RED) situated at the base of the spine.

* Spleen Chakra (ORANGE) located in the lower abdomen region, just below the navel.

* Solar Plexus Chakra (YELLOW) located in the stomach area.

* Heart Chakra (GREEN) located in the center of the chest.

* Throat Chakra (BLUE) situated in the throat region.

* Brow or the Third Eye Chakra (INDIGO) located between the brows on the forehead.

* Crown Chakra (VIOLET) located on top of the head.

The uninterrupted movement of these Chakras produces the Chakra Energy. It is this energy, which is decisive in determining whether you enjoy a healthy physical and mental body.

The movement of the Chakras has to be harmonious in order to produce the desired effect. Naturally, the movement of Chakra is in sync, but imbalance can occur due to several physical or emotional pressures. The remedy is simply to work towards the achievement of Chakra Balance through physical and metaphysical means.

So, whats the secret of Chakra Energy? The Chakra System of our body is an all-powerful spiritual mode of controlling and regulating our lives. The balance in the movement of these Chakras is the ultimate aim of any human being. This is because of the fact that the movements of body Chakras produce energy.

If the balance in their movements is achieved, then theres no greater friend than Chakras, and if there is an imbalance, theres no greater enemy than Chakras.

The other important thing to know about Chakra Energy is the difficulty level in your quest to attain Chakra balance. Indeed, its not easy to bring about a radical shift in Chakra movement overnight. However, if you persist and show extreme determination to attain that magical Chakra balance, believe me, its a life-changing experience. The process is called Chakra Meditation, and is performed by sitting or lying down in a most natural posture. The next step is to relax every body part and feel every cell and organ of the body starting from the toe. This means a lot of visualization, and in the process, lots of distractions in the form of negative emotions. But the key is to persevere and eventually, you will conquer every hurdle in your way and transform into the most evolved being known to mankind.

You may ask if achieving physical and emotional well being is so simple, then why are the incidents of such ailments on the rise? The answer is pretty obvious. The advancements in the modern day living have translated into our increasing reliance on the materialistic things. In the worldly pursuits, man has slowly but surely lost contact with the spiritual aspect of his existence. This myopic mindset has robbed humans of their earthiness.

Fortunately, everything is not lost forever because the Chakra Energy is within, and you can correct the Chakra movements anytime you want to change your life for better. All it requires is sustained effort and a strong desire to make a healthy change in your life. If you appreciate and understand your body and its simple requirements, then balanced Chakra movements is not too difficult to achieve. Originally, our needs are not meant to go beyond what Mother Earth can naturally provide. However, the imbalance of Chakra movements is the price we have collectively paid for the scientific advancements. And Chakra balancing is the answer to all your health-related questions in the Twenty First Century.

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