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Tinnitus And Scuba Diving

freecompress Tinnitus And Scuba DivingWhen you suffer from tinnitus, you will also suffer the problem of doubts and unbelief from friends and family. Tinnitus is the malfunction of the brain associated with the problem of the ear. Although the problem happens in the ear but the brain is affected because of the wrong coded information sent to the brain.

When the person who suffers from tinnitus, all he can hear is the buzzing and static ringing sounds. It is hard for the sensory nerves of the ear to send the right code of information to the brain due to the ear damage. It is very hard for the person to cope up with this problem.

The main cause of tinnitus is the noisy environment. The auditory nerves are very sensitive and a single disruption because of noise may cause the problem of damage. On the other hand, constant impact of pressure on the ear may also cause the damage of the eardrums. When the eardrums get damage, it will be hard for the ear to receive the right message.

Wrong Perceptions On Scuba Diving Impact on Tinnitus

Tinnitus is a very hot medical topic and there are lots of views about the problem. In fact, others have believed the connection of scuba diving to be a cause of tinnitus. Yes, people believe that sensory nerves are affected by scuba diving causing ringing in the lobes of the ear.

Second, some divers have perceived that tinnitus is affected by the deepness of the seabed they are diving into. The deeper the seabed, the higher the risk of having tinnitus.

The Truth

Tinnitus Causes. There is no seen connection between tinnitus and scuba diving. Tinnitus is caused by noise and the damage of eardrums which eventually affects sensory nerves. However, it is seen that the earlobes may be affected when the person dives into deeper seas. The eardrums may burst due to air reception. But this is not supported by situations. Many divers who have gone deeper don’t have problems with their ear.

The impact of object bumping and such are the seen problem of scuba diving. Yes, when your ear get bumped with objects, the eardrums may get damaged due to pressure.

Age. Although, most aged scuba divers have suffered from tinnitus but experts believe that this is because of the age. Scuba diving may have caused some disruptions to the hearing sense but not totally.

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