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Understanding The Distinctions Between Full-Service Funeral And Direct Burial

freecompress Funeral DirectorDeath is a natural part of life. Whether we prepare for it or not, death surely comes to each of us. Because of this, more and more people have recognized the importance of preparing for their final moment by considering pre-arranged funeral services, in order to lessen the burden on the part of their families and friends when the time comes.

The most important consideration people make regarding a loved one’s death is the funeral for the deceased. Funerals are necessary because they allow the families and friends to celebrate, sanctify and remember the life of the deceased in the best way possible. In addition, funeral rituals help the family to experience emotional healing, letting them to express different feelings that are related with death, such as grief, anger, guilt, sorrow, fear and depression.

Funeral practices may vary according to cultural and religious standards, personal preferences and funeral costs. These factors help people decide on the kind of funeral to be held – whether it is simple and traditional, secular or religious. There are also various types of funerals that people can choose for their own death or for their deceased loved ones.

For instance, a conventional or full-service funeral is generally the most expensive funeral option. This type of funeral service offers a formal funeral service, viewing, use of a hearse when transporting the body to the burial site, and burial, entombment or cremation services.

The traditional type of funeral is considerably costly because family members have to pay not only the basic service fee but they also have to pay for the costs of embalming, casket, transportation and care of the body, as well as the rental of the funeral home and service. The costs of the gravesite and other funeral services should also be considered.

On the other hand, direct burial and direct cremation types of funerals are considerably less pricey than the traditional type. There is no visitation and embalming involved in direct burial, and the burial comes right shortly after the person’s death. Similarly, embalming, visitation and viewing are not necessary when the family members preferred direct cremation.

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