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Use Of Trademarks On The Internet

freecompress trademarksIn this time of extensive internet usage, trademark laws gain particular significance in cyberspace, especially in terms of trademarks for domain names. This is essential if you want to spread the word about your goods or services among the consumers with the help of your domain name.

A domain name that has been trademarked not only enables you to sue persons violating your mark and using it as their personal mark but also protects you from being perceived as the owner of their website that might be using an identical or deceptively similar domain name as yours.

However, you should conduct a search on the database of domain names to see if your selected mark is infringing any of the already present ones. Your research should confirm the fact that your trademark is distinct and does not resemble others in sound, meaning or spelling. It is very important to trademark a domain only after thoroughly confirming that it does not infringe upon any trademarks.

For this objective, it is better to take help of an attorney, preferably a cyber law specialist, who also has a comprehensive knowledge of trademark regulations. This will not only enable you to avoid infringement claims but also save you from possible disputes.

It is important to note in this regard that a domain name can be registered as a trademark only if it serves as a quick identifier of the products or services of your business, and not just as an online address that brings internet users to your site.

In addition to violation of domain names, keyword infringement has emerged as a new problem in virtual domains, which means infringement of real trademarks by their unauthorized use as keywords in promotions on Yahoo, Google etc with an objective to confuse the consumers or to dilute the genuine trademark.

However, it should be noted that such usage by advertisers is not tantamount to infringement if by making use of the trademark the advertiser aids in the marketing of the products or services of the owner of the genuine trademark, and not act as his competitor.

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