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VPS Hosting in Canada – A Capable and Reliable Hosting Alternative

It’s becoming ever more common for those north of the 49th parallel to have obtained web hosting in Canada, for themselves or for their business. VPS hosting is designed to be a “next step” for businesses that find the size and demands they have of their website have grown as they become a bigger business themselves.  VPS hosting Canada is popular with those who need to be certain their site is stable and not prone to the traffic surges that come with shared servers. VPS also means your guests will enjoy speedier access to what you make available on your website.


VPS Hosting Canada is ideal for small to mid-sized businesses


While kids don’t understand why they can’t have a new pair of soccer cleats, hockey skates or ski boots every season, parents certainly do. The youngsters are growing fast and buying new footgear of any sort before they’re 18 is inadvisable as they’ll outgrow it, likely within a year.


Canadian-domainsSmall businesses often acquire basic web hosting in Canada and Canadian domains before growing into mid-sized businesses, and often with that growth comes a whole new set of needs and priorities. It might not make sense to re-evaluate your entire web presence and configuration yet (the proverbial new pair of skates), but there may well be a current need to fortify your driveway alongside the information highway.  Any reputable web hosting company can play the role of the 2nd hand sporting goods retailer and get you into something that “works for now”, while you see just how far your business is going to expand.


What’s behind the security and stability of VPS hosting?


VPS hosting is a way to get many of the features, resources, control and flexibility that, until recently, required you to have a more costly dedicated server. A dedicated server may be something you’ll look at in the future, and if it is – great, you’ve made some serious gains as an online commercial venture. Until then, VPS can help you handle the increasing demands placed on your current website with the following features:


·         Root Access – The interface of your control panel will be all you’ll need to have complete control of your VPS account, from configurations to installation.

·         Server Monitoring – Quality VPS hosting providers actively monitor the network and hardware your account is relying on. External threats like hackers, bugs and Denial of Service Attacks are more effectively defended against.

·         Multiple Domain Hosting – adding subsidiary or even entirely new websites to your business arsenal is doable without risking performance issues.

·         Manual Data Backup Capability – back up your data easily and anytime you have the inclination to do so.


There was a time, not so long ago in fact, when a web hosting in Canada provider would offer little more than the hosting itself and Canadian domains registry. With competition in the industry, however, these providers are now expected to offer more to their customers. VPS web hosting is merely one such service or feature that most of the best web hosting providers in Canada are offering these days, and often at a competitive price.


For VPS hosting and Canadian domains, visit – a hosting provider at the forefront of the industry in Canada.