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Wedding Photography Styles

freecompress Wedding photoWeddings are notoriously difficult to organize and with so many styles of wedding photography at your fingertips, which do you choose? Our guide to the most popular styles should help you make a decision. Although classic, traditional styles of photography have been popular for generations, the contemporary reportage style is now the most popular. Reportage photos are taken without the subject being aware and appear in a removed, ‘journalistic’ style which provides more of a commentary on the big day than cold, posed photographs.

There is another fairly recent addition to the wedding photography fold – another product of the digital generation. Artistic photography allows photographs to be taken of otherwise mundane objects such as wine glasses or table ornaments. These photographs are taken using specific lighting effects or specialist camera angles and modified or enhanced using image editing software. This style gives a fantastic arty feel to many shots and helps capture every element of the day – right down to the detail.

Up until fairly recently, reportage style wedding photos were not immensely popular; it was the traditional style of photograph which won over most couples. Even today, traditional style photos are still popular and included in most wedding photography packages. These shots are largely posed and make fantastic framed photographs following the occasion. They do, however, require quite a lot of setting up for the posing of shots and therefore can be quite time consuming and detract from the festivities.

Classical shots allow the photographer to capture the main elements of the day in a way which cannot otherwise be reproduced. Using this style, the wedding photographer will capture all the main parts of the day including the cutting of the cake, the walk down the aisle, the first dance and the exchange of rings; as they happen and in a warm, classical style. This style is closely linked with reportage but bridges the gap with the traditional style, encompassing the ceremony and official aspects of the day.

Due to the digital revolution, images can be easily edited to airbrush out blemishes or external objects and colors and details can be enhanced to improve your images. The sharp, crisp quality of digital images will greatly enhance your memories of your wedding day. Most wedding photographers will embrace most, if not all, of these photography styles to ensure you have a wide range of photographs to choose from, giving a number of different angles and styles to your shots.

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