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What can you do with an Nintendo R4 3DS card?

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When you are considering to buy a Nintendo 3DS console, it means you have to abanden the before DSi and DS console. If you already pay some money for many games on old console, the money is a large waste. You need also give up these games, and pay extra money for new games on 3DS console. But if you take a R4 3DS card, all problems are solved. It is easy to play every kinds of free games and media functions. This is the source of r4 3ds born, and this is why R4 3DS card so popular. As a way to get lots of free games, applications and media functions, R4 3DS card support almost all Nintendo DS and DSi games, but not 3DS games currently.

The R4 and R4i 3DS flash cards have been known for a long time by most Nintendo players. to be one of the most used, and one of the most popular cards available for the Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi. and now with this new R4 3DS card, you can take all of the fun of DS homebrew games and dsi games that you enjoyed on not only DSi and DS console, but also new 3DS console.. What can you expect to be able to do with your card? Everything that you could do before. The same great features are included and built right in to the r4i for 3ds. You can watch full length movies, play back videos that you have downloaded from the internet. Listen to your entire mp3 collection and read the latest and greatest ebooks – or old classics that you want to read again.

It seems that with every single new version of the R4i, additional features or functions are included. The most notable one for the r4i for 3ds is the new Wifi update feature. This feature has been a long time coming, and is something that will help experienced and inexperienced users alike when it comes time to update their kernel versions. With the new Wifi update, you simply connect to any wireless connection and download the latest firmware files. They will then be automatically upgraded on your r4i and you’ll be ready to keep playing.

The R4 3DS is made by branded It is the upgrade version of R4i sdhc V1.4.1. New R4 3DS card is a powerfull slot-1 card, it supports MicroSDHC card up to 32GB, it supports WiFi upgrade, it offers high compatibility and so on. R4 3DS card work perfectly on Nintendo 3DS, DSi and DS console.

Emulators for R4 3DS card
We all love a little bit of retro every now and again, right? A good old movie we’ve seen a dozen times. Our favorite hits from the years past when it comes to our music. For gamers, the fun they had when they were playing their old 8 bit and 16 bit console games cane once again be brought back with the help of the R4i. By way of using the latest emulators. There is an emulator for almost every single classic game system. From the Nintendo Entertainment system, to the Super NES and everything inbetween. Even old computers are emulated. If you grew up playing your brand new ZX Spectrum, you can play all of those same great games right on your Nintendo 3DS with the r4i for 3ds card. Most younger gamers might not fully appreciate the old games we played, but we know that they were the best of the best when they were released. Most, if not all the emulators run and work at full speed. Allowing you to play your classic just as they were intended to be played.

If you’ve ever used an emulator on your PC or MAC, you know how the graphics can look choppy. This has a lot to do with the resolution on your monitor. This issue however isn’t there when you play them on your 3ds. Due to the lower resolution screen of the 3ds, you will actually have the same crips and clear graphics you once had.

What else can R4 3DS card do?
All games listed on the TF card for DS/DSi can also be played on 3DS console. Just remove the old kernel, and install the new R4 3DS Kernel to the TF card, then all games can run on Nintendo 3DS straightly. Except free game play, users can also watch TV, listen music, read E-book and so on.