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What Is Telepathic Communication?

freecompress mind powerIt’s a well known fact that humans only use around 10% of their brains. The function of other 90% remains a mystery to most people.

What most of us aren’t aware of is that we’re all born with the innate ability to communicate with each other without having to speak a word out loud or even move a muscle physically.

We are trained from childhood to conform to our parent’s expectations and the boundaries of society. The true powers of our minds are not explored as we are not encouraged or trained to think outside the box for fear of ridicule.

We involve ourselves with other things in life and forget about such nonsense until the day comes that we know something we should not and ponder for a short time only to push it further to the back of our mind again.

Is this a psychic ability or are we communicating with others through telepathy. Did you receive a message from someone needing to contact you?

Whether we realize it or not we already send and receive telepathic signals. It is possible to learn to do this deliberately whenever we want. It takes a little practice, but is well within the scope of our brains.

The natural ability to interact using telepathy is undeveloped in most people. It is not used or recognized as we go through day-to-day life. Most do not think they have this power or know how to use it. A person has to focus on contacting another for it to be effective.

According to scientists our thoughts have a certain frequency, somewhat like radio frequencies. This frequency can be measured. Directing these thoughts to a targeted area is the key to using your mind as a means of communication.

Here are some ways to help improve your telepathic abilities.

*Trance State – Your mind is at its most receptive when you allow yourself to drop into a trance-like state. Most humans are capable of inducing an almost hypnotic trance where the body is relaxed and your mind is open.

If you’re working on your telepathic ability alone then spend some time learning how to bring yourself into a trance state.

*Get focused – Select a nice quiet dark room. Get yourself relaxed and think happy thoughts about the person you want to hear from. Form the message you want this person to receive, imagine they are receiving it as you picture them in your mind. Let him or her know you want to be contacted. Stay confident that this person will respond with a message.

*Have faith – Never falter in your belief that this will work, know your receiver will get the message. Stay confident and use an open mind when exploring telepathy.

*Stop the exercise – Snap yourself out of your dreamy state and go about your daily routine. This is an important part of the whole process.

You must release your thoughts and feelings about this person. This has the effect of the person missing you more and thus increasing their desire to talk to you. The person should contact you very soon.

If you’re practicing alone, this technique can be a great way to learn to focus your mind and your innate telepathic ability. There are equally powerful ways to learn to focus using two people.

Here is a quick method to practice your telepathic communication using two people.

*Sender and Receiver – Decide which of you will be the message sender and which will be the receiver. For the purpose of this example, we’ll assume you are the sender.

Since you are the sender your friend the receiver needs to have a pen and paper handy and be prepared to write down what comes into their mind. The receiver may feel silly at first so remember to stress how important it is to write everything down regardless of how trivial it may seem.

*Visualize – You are the sender so you should have some simple images in mind to send to your receiver. These should be well known objects, for instance, a star, an orange, or an apple. These will be simple and easy to focus on and easier for you receiver to get than more complex images.

*Transmitting Your Message – Close your eyes and focus on establishing a communication thought-tube between you and the receiver. Picture it clearly in your mind’s-eye as connecting the two of you.

Then place the object you want the receiver to see inside your mental communication tube and send it directly to him. Create your image as clearly as you can. If you choose to focus on a red, shiny apple, then make sure you follow your apple all the way to the end of the thought-tube.

Visualizing is a very effective way to send messages telepathicly.

*End Transmission – When you feel that your thought-object has reached its destination, stop projecting and allow your mind to be blank. This pause in transmission is important because it allows your receiver time to realize that an image really did appear. When it stops it also allows the receiver time to take a note of what image he saw.

*Receive – The receiver needs to approach this with an open mind and want to receive messages. It all needs to be written down as a record to refer to later. It is important to relax and let the message flow in.

We all see have things flowing through or mind when we relax and are receptive to it. A receiver should write anything down that he or she sees, even if it is believed to be a random thought.

*The verdict – When you are done with the training exercise, check and see if the images you sent were well received. Even someone with undeveloped powers will receive some images from the sender. Do not expect all of them to come through clearly at first. It will take some practice to get better at it.

Remember, practice makes perfect!

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