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What Makes Kangen Water Special?

freecompress Kangen waterKangen water, a registered trademark name, is produced by an electrolysis machine manufactured only in Japan. This patented machine transforms your well or tap water into a altered, alkaline form which has been clinically proven to enhance health and well-being.

This special water is reportedly restructured and ionized, which makes it alkaline and more bio-available. Most water you can buy, whether it comes from a tap or is bottled, is acidic rather than alkaline. Being too acidic (or too alkaline, which is admittedly a rare condition), had been proved to be unhealthy, causing bone density loss, poor digestion, acid reflux, bad breath and body odor, bad skin, and weight gain.

The Japanese medical community is geared strongly toward preventing illness and maintaining health, rather than focusing on treatment once disease has gotten a start. In Japan, the LeveLuk SD 501 machine (the patented device that makes Kangen water) is registered as a medical device. It is available over the internet with no need for prescription, however, since the water is not a drug but meant to be part of a health building program.

Genuine Kangen water is said to have been restructured so that the molecules are smaller and cluster together in a way that is believed to penetrate more readily to a cellular level. This is said to provide better hydration and more efficient removal of the wastes of metabolism. The water source is tap water, which retains all of its beneficial, alkaline minerals and has no toxins after it goes through the electrolysis inside the machine.

In addition, the water molecules are made smaller, allowing them to penetrate deep into the cellular level, where they promote hydration and cleansing. The antioxidants in the water fight free radicals and reduce the effects of aging throughout the entire system. Benefits claimed include faster weight loss, more energy, clear skin, fresh breath, stronger bones, better digestion, and less body odor. Smelly feet are an indication that your system is too acidic.

Testimonials report users are experiencing increased mental acuity, freedom from muscle pain and stiffness, improved fat burning and muscle tone, relief from acid reflux, and a more youthful appearance. Pure water that is not acidic in nature has been known to be one of the major fundamentals of health for generations, and scientific studies confirm this. Japanese physicians are actually using this water as a treatment in itself.

Kangen water, according to users who have written testimonials, can make you think more clearly, keep your youthful vigor and appearance longer, have higher blood antioxidant levels, and lose weight. Check online to read these reviews for yourself.

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