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The Ultimate Health Boost – Clearing Your Chakras!

freecompress chakra healingOurs is a fast moving society and just making it through a typical day can take everything you?ve got and leave you feeling drained and utterly exhausted. To keep going and moving onwards and upwards, you need to recharge yourself occasionally.

This is about more than your physical fatigue or your physical health. Your mental and spiritual condition are every bit as important. All three parts of your being have to be healthy and working together in harmony.

There are energy centers which are spread throughout our bodies, called chakras. Our chakras are responsible for maintaining the proper flow of energy. They are also what links our physical and non-physical beings.

Chakras allow you to take in energy from the universe and to use this energy to accomplish your goals. Without taking the time to regularly maintain these vital energy centers, your energy level ? mental, physical and spiritual can become low. Clearing chakras is important to your health, just like getting a routine physical exam.

Chakras are located throughout your body, with the primary chakras being located along the spine. Each chakra corresponds to different character traits and each must be worked on individually to bring them into harmony.

Clearing chakras is a process of clearing out negative energy and allowing positive energy to enter.

By making counterclockwise motions, you can eliminate negative energy from your chakras; clockwise motions will invite positive energy into your chakras.

It is common to feel slight discomfort or pain while clearing chakras; this is the negative energy leaving your body so that it can be replaced by positive energy.

Your chakras receive positive energy from the universe and make it available to you.

When you clear your chakras, You’ll feel like a whole new man or woman. A lot of people choose to make chakra clearing a regular practice; how often You’ll need to do it depends on your individual circumstances.

Clearing chakras allows you to have improved physical, mental and spiritual health. You’ll think more clearly and be more capable of handling stress and other difficulties.

The best way to begin is by working on your chakras one by one. Clear each chakra as you go; this will recharge them and allow you to start using the positive energy that they take in from the universe. When you are finished clearing your chakras, You’ll feel physically and mentally relaxed.

You may want to begin by learning more about your chakras and how the work. Knowing which chakras correspond to which biological functions and aspects of your personality can be very helpful. When you know this, you can start with the chakras which are in the greatest need of clearing.

You need all of the energy you can get in our fast paced world. By keeping your energy centers in balance, you can make sure that your’re ready for the challenges of modern life.

Your spiritual health; including clearing your chakras is important to your overall health and well being. Clearing chakras allows you to be refreshed in body, mind and spirit.

Regular chakra clearing will make you refreshed and re-energized. You may find that you actually have more energy than you ever thought you did! Chakra clearing can help you to achieve ever better things in your life.

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