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Work In your town – Find Job Opportunities Based on Location in the UK with New Online Jobseeker Resource

Google mapsWe all need to make a living, although most of us would relocate for the right job it is always considerably better discover that job in the city in the uk where you currently reside or would like to.  Being able to look for jobs online has been a real plus for job hunters, and now you can reference jobs by search criteria And placement with a new online job seeker resource for UK jobs that employs Google maps UK technology.


This is actually the Work I Do and this is Where I Intend to Live


UK residents looking to further their career or get started on it can maximize their online job search efforts by subscribing to a online job search service like U4Jobs. The typical benefits are all there:

•             Online UK job listings

•             Key word and search setting

•             Private messaging

•             Privacy and security

•             Resume posting

•             Job alerts


Social media connections are provided as well. Where they really distinguish themselves, however, is with their Google maps view job postings that show you jobs that meet your criteria highlighted on the Google maps of the region.


So, for example, you could refine your search to jobs in healthcare, add other search refining criteria, and then ask the finder to locate all jobs within, say, 50 km of Liverpool, for example. U4Jobs Google maps UK view will quickly return your search query with all of the jobs that meet the criteria and will highlight them in the exact map location within the city or region. Zoom in to see the exact location of the business, organization or facility. It gives you a more concrete idea of where your prospective job opportunity is located and, should you pursue it further, you can reference it further in finding transportation methods and routes available to you.


Utilizing Googlemaps makes it easier for you to determine the suitability of a job if location is a primary consideration.


Online Job Searching Made Faster


Search jobs by City, by County and by Sector, or by any combination of the three. U4Jobs’ Googlemaps are reliable and updated frequently and the jobs that are live on the site are posted by employers who are genuinely trying to find the right candidate. Part of what makes the right candidate is being happy with where you work and live, and no ones wants to make a long commute if it’s at all avoidable. For an active job seeker, U4Jobs Googlemaps view is a small convenience that makes itself useful over and over as the individual searches for the right job in the right place.


Once you’ve found one that meets your specific and placement criteria, you can save it and make notes on it and apply for it right through u4Jobs now or at a later time. You have a full listing of your applications history and you can create job alerts that notify you when a similar job posting comes up in that same area.


Try it for yourself


Google maps are a real help for nearly anyone these days and for many different purposes. Test out U4Jobs Google maps UK map view by registering for a user account at and see if you find it as convenient as everyone else does. With some effort and a little luck you’ll soon have a job that works for you and is within a reasonable distance of where you want to live.