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Nokia Mobile Phone Recycling Allows You To Make Money For New Phones

freecompress A nokiaThe Nokia N8, the mobile company’s latest smart phone that works like a portable television, is finally set to be released this month. With the date having been pushed back several times this year, hardcore Nokia users have been waiting patiently for its arrival.

The new phone is expected to rival other manufacturers’ latest smart phone models, as it allows users to do perform the common functions of making calls, accessing the Internet, emailing, streaming videos, and now watching television shows and sporting events in real time on its large display. However, unlike most modern phones, the Nokia N8 doesn’t need an Internet connection to access television shows; programming is available with a Nokia Symbian 3 headset and anywhere there’s Digital Video Broadband-Handset (DVB-H) coverage, which also should save battery life and therefore 3G data charges on phone bills.

When next month arrives and everyone rushes out to buy the new N8 (and subsequently, the N9 two months later), many old abandoned Nokias and other outdated models will be left to collect dust. But what many mobile users don’t know is that these phones don’t have to set in desks or homes unused; mobile users can earn up to 150 for their old Nokias by recycling.

Websites like Compare and Recycle lists a number of companies that will recycle and refurbish old mobile phones to be given to charities, sold in third world countries or reused for parts. A recent study by the International Data Corporation (IDC) found that Nokia is one of the top five manufacturers for green practices, as most of its parts can be recycled.

Besides benefiting the environment and saving resources, recycling also pays. The Nokia 1600 is worth an average of 120 on some of these sites, whereas the Nokia XpressMusic can bring in over 70. Making a fair sum on these unwanted phones makes upgrading to brand new N8 seem like reasonable choice, even if it is expected to cost around 300.

Find out more about mobile phone recycling and help the environment, while getting money for selling mobile phones.